Sunday, June 7, 2009

You Are Wrong

Originally posted on myspace July 24 2008

Well, it's happened again. Another new CD. I know. I just released "My Song Now" a few months ago and here's another one. The songs are just coming and coming and part of what I have to do to feel like myself is record and post 'em on my web site: This "new" new one is called "You Are Wrong." and features another 16 new songs. Included are:

"Renaissance Man" which I wrote for my friend T-Poe.

The controversial and politically incorrect--
"I'm Not Gay But I Don't Like Girls."

"Where Can I Go Without You," which I wrote for a big Hollywood movie (it's a huge long shot that it'll get in the movie but I really like the song...).

"You Are Wrong" which I think of as my Werner Heisenberg song.

"Heaven" which is a story song about a gambler who dies and isn't crazy about the afterlife.

"Take It To The Roof" which was inspired by the fundraising slogan of a local Buddhist group that's building a new temple.

"The Rest Of The Week" which I started over 10 years ago and finally finished. It's a response to silly boy band singers crooning about about loving their latest fling "forever."

And "Dancing" which is one of my favorite songs ever. It's about music, childhood and money and the corrupting influence of the world.

And guess what? Brace yourself...I'm about to start recording another CD. I already have another batch of songs ready and they include one of my very favorites called
"Nothing's Impossible Now." Writing this song was so satisfying that I had a two day writer's block when it was done! Anyway, this another dozen or so will be on my next "new" new CD which should be done in a few weeks.

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