Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nothing's Impossible Now

Originally posted on myspace August 31 2008

Well friends,

It's happened again. I have completed yet another CD, my third one this year. It's called
"Nothings Impossible Now."

I figure since I'm not really in the "music business," which incidentally I can't stand; since I'm 51, hate traveling, hate "selling" myself, and am not interested in getting "signed" or "making it"; since I'm not getting any of the perks of playing that whole game: more money and more appreciation; I might as well wallow in the big perk of being "undiscovered" : creative freedom! I can make as many albums as I want and produce them any way I want to. I don't have to pay the record company back for one album before making the next one. I don't have to pace my output to my "fans" assimilation rate. I don't have to listen to record company executives, marketing people, publicity people, engineers, producers, managers, tour people; I don't have to listen to anyone really but myself. And my self says: Write! Sing! Record! Put your stuff up on the net! Experiment and see what comes back!

So far what's come back is more money than I put into music which I count as a major blessing. And I've had some great fun performing, creating these songs and connecting with the people who enjoy them. So far that's good enough for me.

Since I started putting all my songs on my site ( and making them downloadable on a donation basis. I've had tons of downloads but only 7 tips so far, and mostly from good friends. Not one single "stranger" tip and only the very rare email saying "Hey, I like your stuff." I guess music is more or less "free" now and the internet is a fast, fast place where stopping to say "Thanks" is next to impossible for most people. But I'm still going to continue this experiment and make my songs as easy as possible for people to get. My hope is that aside from anonymous strangers perhaps enjoying my songs: one of them will get to someone who wants to buy some of my CD's, or actually make a donation, or maybe even cover one or two of the tunes. We'll see what comes...

Meanwhile my newest "release" is called
"Nothing's Impossible Now" is up on my site. Just click on Musical Recordings and it'll be the first album listed at the top of the page. You can listen to any and all of the songs as well as download them. I'm really happy with this one and I'm really happy with the last two as well: "My Song Now" and "You Are Wrong." Even though my best and most prolific output has coincided with the absolute nadir of interest in this kind of music, when in fact there are so many self-produced albums out there that music is practically disposable and diluted to the point of near irrelevancy, I find I don't care at all. Sure it'd be nice to be appreciated more, but I'm in it primarily for the joy of creating the songs, then the joy of just singing and playing them. If you or other people like them, well that's just icing on the cake.

So check out the new one if you feel like it and hopefully I'll see you around at one gig or another!

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