Monday, October 26, 2009

Flow More~Force Less


Well my friends, the wait is over...

I have a new album out!

But first I wanted to tell you that I've finally finished adding meta tags to all the songs on all of the albums at What this means is that when you download a song to your computer, iPod or iTunes, you'll get not only the song itself, but also the song title, the album title, the album cover, the year it was released, my name (or as I put it:, the composer (moi) and genre.

This has been a long time coming. Previously, there were either no tags at all, or mostly inaccurate ones. Now, anyone who downloads a song can easily find their way back to my site to download more, or buy CD's, or tip me, or email me nice comments, or whatever. Plus, these tags make it much easier for you to organize my songs into your own collection.

As you may already know, this has been the most prolific period of my songwriting life. Just when I think it's slowing down, another wave comes. After having released two double albums this year, "Maybe Nothing's Wrong" and "Undiscovered", I've got another one done now and that makes 5 CD's this year. And, I'm thinking I'll probably do one more before the year is done.

The new album is called "Flow More~Force Less", and as usual all of the songs are available for free listening and free (donation basis) downloading at my site:

Tipping is totally optional. You'll make my day if you do, but I'll still have a good day if you don't.

I like this collection of songs a lot and I'm particularly happy with the recording itself. We changed the mic configuration a bit, and while I think that helped, I think the bigger difference was that the new configuration allowed me more space to move a bit while I was playing. A big part of what I'm doing and trying to capture has to do with the state of mind and body that I have to be in in order to make my sound. I'm as interested in sharing this state as I am in sharing the music itself. With a less restrictive mic placement I was, I think, better able to relax and sink into that state of mind/body connection and unforced balance that I'm after. So I liked what was captured the night I recorded the songs.

Aside from the title song, (which is about oddly enough, flowing more and forcing less) there are a few new favorites on this CD. "By The Stars" is about how little I think any of us knows where the hell we really are; "Grateful For The Shovel" is an ode to my guitar and the healing power of self expression; "Loner" is, I hope, about the loser in everyone and contains some adult language (hint: it rhymes with the title...); "I Don't Care What You Call Me" is about my obsession with writing songs, and "Hell Yes" is about the good stuff.

Here's the title song lyrics along with some links to ID some of the suspects. (Check out the links if you have time. They were really fun to find and I think you'll enjoy them.)

Flow More~Force Less
by Gene Burnett (2009)

I asked Jimi Hendrix
The key to his success
He said: Flow more force less

I asked Casanova
How to get the no to yes
He said: Flow more force less

I asked Tiger Woods
How'd you get so good?
How to shake it with the best
He said: Flow more force less
Flow more force less

I asked Donald Fagen
How do you lose the stress?
He said: Flow more force less

I asked Barack Obama
How to get out of this mess
He said: Flow more force less

How do you ease the strain
How to get to his address
He said: Flow more force less
Flow more force less

How to sing with such finesse
She said: Flow more force less

I asked Mother Nature
How'd you get into that dress
See said: Flow more force less

I asked Michael Jordan
I asked Leonard Cohen
How to get out of this cage
I asked Elvis Presley
How to shake it with the best
He said: Flow more force less
Flow more force less

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