Sunday, June 7, 2009

Songwriting For Geniuses (The Book)

Originally posted on myspace December 11 2008

After a long and somewhat frustrating process, I'm proud to announce that my book "Songwriting for Geniuses-25 Tips for the Genius in Everyone" is finally in print. I went with iUniverse and this is a self-published, print-on-demand book. That means that they make and send you the book when you order it. There's no wasted paper, they're only made when sold, and more importantly there's no huge pallet of books in our apartment!

I have a web site where you can find out about the book, read a free sample, as well as order copies through,, or through me directly paying with paypal.

Just go to

Or, you can also go to and click on the book's cover on
the home page.

Or, you can also search the book's title or my name on In case you're wondering, I make more money (and you get the book faster) if you order it directly from me.

"Songwriting for Geniuses" is a short book of 25 tips to help aspiring songwriters write better, more satisfying songs. It's not about writing hits or improving the commercial quality of your songs. It's not about technical tricks or music theory. It's focused more on helping what I call your inner "genius" write songs that accurately convey your thoughts and feelings in a satisfying way.

I'm now working on getting my much longer book about T'ai-Chi through the same process. The songwriting book, being much shorter, was sort of my trial run. I think I understand the process better now and my T'ai-Chi book will go more smoothly.

Personally, I'd love to give you all free copies but this thing cost a bit to set up and until (and if!) it breaks even, I just can't afford to give any away.

I appreciate your support and please feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be interested in my book. And please consider giving a Holiday copy to any aspiring songwriters you may know...

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