Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Album

No Other Life

I have a new CD out called "No Other Life".

I'm very happy with this album. It contains several new favorite songs as well as a "mellow" version of my biggest youtube hit: "Jump You Fuckers". It also contains the dirtiest lyric I've written yet! I even considered having that one song available "on line only", but I decided a long time ago to take advantage of the one big upside to being over the hill and through with the music business: I can do whatever the Hell I want! So I'm being true to my Muse and recording everything she gives me, regardless of commercial considerations or any other ones really. If it releases a charge for me, I record and post it. So if you don't like songs with extra adult language, please skip track 18!

As usual, all the songs are available for downloading free or with a donation at my site: Please feel free to listen or download as much of my music as you want. Donations are strictly optional. I want to be heard while I'm alive whether I make any money or not. Here's a link directly to the player for the new album: No Other Life.

I got a lot of nice feedback when I sent out the announcement for my last album and included lyric samples so I'm doing the same with this one. Here's the track list with a lyric sample from each song:


1. For Now

This song is about is about accepting life as it is, now...

Let us find the right dynamic—Let’s go transatlantic

Sink our own Titanic—Let’s be real—Not romantic

Let’s be kind but let’s be honest—When we do or do not want it

Fate is blind but let’s not taunt it—It’s the blues not a sonnet

Let’s embrace the spreading night—Let’s not be afraid to fight

When the darkness meets the light—What is left is what is right

For now—For now

2. Someone Next To You:

Another love song...

I can shape the air a little—Sing a song or two

Dance around in circles—Tell the world the truth

I can see myself an artist—But what good does that do?

When I just want to see myself—As someone next to you

3. No Other Life:

Just a little song about being all right with the world.

I like where I am and I’m gonna stay

‘Cause no other life makes me feel this way

I like who I am and I’m not gonna change

‘Cause no other life makes me feel this way

4. I Don't Get Too Excited:

A song about not riding the roller coaster...

When I hear about the news—I don’t get too excited

Things pass—This will too—I don’t get too excited

Nothing is as good or as bad as I think

What now floats—Soon will sink

Everything is written in invisible ink

When I hear about the news—I don’t get too excited

Things pass—This will too—I don’t get too excited

5. Cool Is Cool:

A song about the intrinsic nature of "coolness".

Cool is cool—It can’t be bought

Don’t be a fool—Stick with what you’ve got

You don’t need that hat

Those shades those shoes

You don’t need anything

When you’re cool—You’re cool

6. Janey Be Bad Tonight:

A song for all the bad girls...(with apologies to Chuck Berry).

She doesn’t come from money but she sure does come

Over the tracks and under the gun

Just plug her in and watch her run

She gets started and I’m already done

Go Go Janey Go

Janey be bad tonight

7. Catch And Release:

A song about letting go of strict ownership of songs..

When I’m fishing for a song

I don’t need much bait

I just sit with pen in hand

And then I mostly wait

For inspiration large or small

It’s all the same to me

Where I come from when we fish

It’s catch and release

8. Your Song Now:

Another song about fighting the commodification of music.

Now I am all for people getting paid for what they do

Times have changed and I myself have made a buck or two

But something has been lost—Now that business rules the day

Now that we buy and sell what we used to give away

I do my part to tip the scales away from fear and greed

I mostly sing for nothing and my songs are mostly free

The big boys have their lawyers and the deck is surely stacked

But the people have their ways of taking the music back

9. Jump You Fuckers (Mellow Version):

My biggest youtube hit by far. Just felt like doin' a mellow version.

Hey Mister Wall Street on the fiftieth floor

Can’t make the payments on your penthouse no more

Jump you fuckers—Jump you fuckers

Open the window—Check out the view

And jump you fuckers

10. Sometimes A Small Key:

Looking back at the difference a little thing could have made.

I was waiting for her to call

But I didn’t hear a sound

I told myself—It’s up to her

To give on in and come around

But she never did and I paid the cost

Of my stupid lazy pride

Another lover lost

Sometimes a small key—Opens up a big door

Sometimes a small boat—Gets you to the far shore

Every master knows that’s what the basics are for

Sometimes a small key—Opens up a big door

11. I Just Don't Care:

Speaks for itself!

I don’t care what you’re doing

I don’t care who you’re screwing

Over or under-doing

I just don’t care

Take your drama to your mama

It’s a period—Not a comma

Pull another false alarm

I just don’t care

12. Coming Back:

A song about getting back on track.

I was under—A kind of spell

It was Heaven—But it was Hell

I was sleeping—But I could not tell

Like a prisoner lying in the sweetest cell

I was down—That’s a fact

I was out—Laid out flat

Look out now—I’m coming back

Coming back

13. The Kids Just Want To Make Noise:

A little rabble rouser about the spirit of youth.

The kids just want to make noise

Girls’ll be girls and boys’ll be boys

From Beijing to Baghdad to Illinois

You just can’t keep ‘em away from their toys

The kids just—kids just—want to make noise

Don’t you want to make noise? (X4)

We just can’t keep you away from your toys

Don’t you—don’t you—want to make noise?

14. Bad To Go:

This one's about PTSD, memories, and coming to terms with the past.

I know you think I’ve had enough

I know you’re ready to cut me off

Tell you what—I’ll hit the road

One more drink and I’ll be bad to go

I just heard something that I didn’t want to hear

The wrong damn news in the wrong damn ear

It’s all over the TV and the radio

One more drink and I’ll be bad to go

It was Hell out there and we all knew

You did whatever you had to do

Those that died--Went to the other side

But those that lived did too

15. Shut Up For Awhile:

This is one of my favorite songs now. If I had a gravestone and it had a button on it that you could press and hear one song of mine, this is the one I'd pick...right now anyway.

I do believe in truth—But not like in my youth

Now—It’s more like a ghost than a grail

I know I’ll never catch it—but I don’t really mind

I just like to stay on its trail

Right now I am spent—I cannot find the scent

Of anything more solid than a veil

Tomorrow might be different—But talking right now

Is like trying to hit a hammer with a nail

I’m gonna shut up for awhile—Listen to the starlight

Shut up for awhile—Listen to my breathing

Shut up for awhile—Listen—My guitar’s right

Shut up for awhile—The trees can do the singing tonight

16. My Music Is My Business (And My Business Is Love):

Yet another "Screw The Music Industry" song, about my web site and general philosophy about music. My first acapella song...

I got a web site and it’s the bomb

I call it Gene

I got 20 plus albums you can download free

You can even find out about T’ai-Chi

I got links for you to choose

Facebook Myspace and Youtube too

I got pictures—I got CD’s

I got four books and a DVD

My Music Is My Business (And My Business Is Love)

My Music Is My Business (And My Business Is Love)

17. If You're Talking On Your Phone:

I see people doing stupid and dangerous things nearly everyday involving vehicles and cell phones.

If you’re talking on your phone

Don’t cross the street

If you’re talking on your phone

Don’t cross the street

If you’re talking on your phone

And you want to make it home

If you’re talking on your phone

Don’t cross the street

18. Yer Wife:

This is the dirtiest little song I've ever written. No idea where it came from. I've never slept with anyone's wife but my own. But I decided long ago not to censor my Muse. She dictates, I obey.

Every Monday from 11 to 1—I fuck your wife

I know it’s wrong but it sure is fun—So I fuck your wife

There’s a little motel with a terrible view—Where I fuck your wife

I listen to her complain about you and then I fuck your wife

Thanks for your support!