Monday, February 20, 2012

Random Thoughts...

Some Of The Things I Would Have Posted On Facebook Back In The Day...

Some days I'm amazed that anyone likes what I do. Other days I'm amazed that everyone doesn't like what I do. Most days I'm just doing it.

Creating the perception in people's minds that I am good at what I do is not the same thing as actually being good at what I do. I try not to let promoting yourself take the place of the hard work and practice that are necessary to approach excellence.

Feeling emotional pain is like paying taxes, both seem to me to be inevitable until I'm dead. I think all of our tactics to avoid emotional pain, from drugs to religions to distractions, are sort of like filing for an extension or practicing tax evasion. I still have to pay, but I can wait a little while longer. Delaying feeling the pain (or delaying paying taxes) can be a good, healthy, useful, and smart thing to do, but if I keep avoiding the pain (or the taxes) over time, things tend to get worse and worse and eventually there's hell to pay. So I try to feel/pay what I can as I go.

I am a lightweight with regard to all intoxicants and I'm quite grateful for that. It's less expensive, it costs less and it's cheaper! Plus, every drug has its side effects and the less you do the less of them you get.

I amaze myself. Even when I don't do anything, I get more experienced every day.

Some people act as if there's only so much love to go around and if they give you some, there will be less for them. Too bad for them the opposite is true.

Whenever I remove all doubt, I put a little back...

Girls these days really seem to like male singers who sing like girls. Good thing I lost interest in whether girls liked my music a long long time ago.

I take everything junkies say with a big grain of salt. And I think we're all junkies.

Not all who hesitate are lost...

I am sick and tired of gravity holding me down.

I was picking up some "Tums" at the drug store and I noticed all these different brands of "Stool Softeners" on the shelf. I thought to myself, "Why don't they just buy a cushion?"

I know I’m getting old…I’m a Christmas Eve dinner with my wife, another couple about our age and their daughter. I lean over to my friend Monty as I’m jotting down some idea that just occurred to me and ask, “Man, do you need to write every little thing down…” and he says, “Nah, I just go ahead and forget…” Just then his wife Lizzi leans over and hands us a card saying, “Can either of you read this? The print’s too small…

I always look forward to the perfectionistic, “self-improvement” phase in my friend’s lives to come to an end and the self-acceptance, “I am who I am.” phase to begin.

Romantic neediness is only attractive to users and scammers. If you really want an intimate partner, someone you can be yourself with and who will do the same with you, you have to work at getting over your neediness, your tendency towards martyrdom and self-pity, your search outside of yourself for a sense of wholeness or completeness. The more you’re looking to fill a void in you with someone else, you more you will attract people who are willing to do that sort of thing, but for a price, and usually a steep one. The more you work independently on finding your own sense of worth and completeness, and on taking care of as many of your basic needs as possible, the more you will attract people who are doing the same kind of work and are looking for company.

Yeah, you know that Mark Suckerberg really is a genius. How did he know we all wanted our Walls to look like some weird confusing magazine that "tells our story"? 

No one asked for this change. The old facebook was wildly popular with over 1/2 a BILLION users. This change is not to benefit you, it is to benefit facebook. Not sure how yet...probably something to do with integrating more advertising into your colon.

I'm thinking of writing a book called "The Photoshop Diet". Just click those pounds away…

No gig is above or beneath me…just a good fit or a bad one.

Life is so much easier and more enjoyable when you let go of the “god” role and stop taking responsibility for the whole of creation.

Best quote from the movie “Love Actually”:

“Kids, don’t buy drugs…..Become a pop star like me and they give them to you for free!” I wish they had just left it at “Kids, don’t buy drugs.” and let the rest remain implied, but what the hell...

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