Sunday, June 7, 2009

Maybe Nothing's Wrong

Originally posted on myspace April 7 2009

Hi friends,

Hey I just finished and posted another album on the Musical Recordings page on my site:

It's a double album entitled: "Maybe Nothing's Wrong".
Part One is more upbeat and energetic and includes some recent favorites like
"We're All Gonna Die", "Jump You Fuckers" and the "Obama version" of "Nothing's Impossible Now".

Part Two is more mellow, contains no adult language, and includes "Virtual",
"Things Are Getting Better (Now That Things Are Getting Worse), and my cover of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".

Both are for sale on my site and, of course, they are both available for downloading on a donation basis, which of course, means that they are basically free.

You can also just go to the album player and listen to the songs. They'll be in alphabetical order on the player so you won't hear them in "my" order but that's not really a big deal. You can start with the first song and the player will just play one song after another. You can then open a new window and surf while you listen!

Be well and thanks for your support.

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