Saturday, July 20, 2013

I'm A Squirrel

Fan Letter

Just got this email and it totally made my day. ;~)

Dear Gene,

I'm a life-long preschool teacher in Grants Pass, running a summer nature camp for 4-7 year olds. I invited Ann Southcombe, a local animal rescue person and animal trainer, to speak to the children about squirrels yesterday.

She gave a wonderful talk and brought along a copy of your CD (and also the DVD) for "I'm a Squirrel" and played them for the children.

From the moment the music began (CD, which she played first), everything stopped. The children were mesmerized. They just sat and listened and sank into deep peace. At the end of the song one 4-year-old boy, a roly-poly bundle of energy who sat motionless in my lap the entire time, was so touched, he asked Ann: "Can you have that man come to my house and sing that song?" (Ann left me a copy of the CD and said I could make the children a copy.)*

I decided to check out your website today, and noticed that you appreciate comments about how people are enjoying the music. So I wanted to share this with you.

I am also putting $5 in the tip jar. Just wanted you to know that your music is making a difference.

In peace,

Susan Hunt
Grants Pass, Oregon

*This is totally cool with me. If you're interested in the song, it's from my album "Undiscovered Country" and it's available for downloading free or with a donation at