Friday, April 16, 2010

Brand New World

Brand New Album

I'm happy to announce my first album of 2010. It's called "Brand New World" and it's available now at for downloading free, or with a donation. 15 new songs including "Brand New World"--which is already a much requested song, "Miserable"--the feel bad hit of the Winter, "We Need Your Banjo"--a rare pro-banjo song, "Fix The World"--a new personal favorite of mine, "I Like You Better"--in which I rhyme 'ceiling fan' with 'Steely Dan', "Step Off Of That Throne"--a call for any and all to come down to Earth, "Preposition"--a grammar lesson from a parallel universe, and "Cut And Run"--which might be about Afghanistan...

...And there's a 16th bonus song that's only available on line. It's called "I'm Sick" and it's a tongue in cheek song about being sick of the Beatles. Actually, I'm a Beatles fan, but I've just had enough of all the marketing, wave after wave, year after year, since I was 7! Listen to it or download it only on line at

As usual donations are totally optional but much appreciated. My albums are relatively inexpensive to produce but they rarely break even. I do this for love. I would certainly make more money at music if I didn't record anything. But I feel compelled to continue with my experiment, recording and posting everything I write and making it as freely available as possible, on my site, on youtube, and on my myspace pages. I'm interested in what comes freely back to me when I give my music away freely.

So far so good! Thanks for your support!