Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Song Now

Originally posted on myspace February 12 2008

Hi friends,

I know this is hardly a "long-awaited" event but I have recorded a new CD. It's called
"My Song Now" and features 15 new songs including some of the most popular and most requested songs I've written yet. I just put 6 of them up on my myspace page. You can also go to my site: and listen to and/or download all the songs in their entirety on a donation basis. You can also buy the CD there if you want to.

I'm still on a creative roll these days. I had 4 more songs that wouldn't fit on this album! Now, if only I was on a money roll....

It's pretty easy to get discouraged doing music these days. There is an incredible amount of music in the world right now. Not only is all the great music from the past available but there are literally thousands upon thousands of self-produced CD's put out every year. There are dozens of cable TV stations all packed with music. It's playing in every bar, store, ipod, and car. Not only that but for most people, music is "free" now. It's become this sort of free background sound that most people don't really pay any deep attention to. Almost all of us are busier now (many of us making music ourselves) and our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. I very rarely see anyone actually listening to an entire song anymore.

So while it's easier and easier to make CD's and make them available to the public, it's much harder to stand out. Harder still to get people to listen to it and damn near impossible to get anyone to pay for it.

So thanks for your support. It truly means a lot to me. And you don't have to buy my CD to make a difference for me. Even an email letting me know you like a certain song or appreciate what I'm doing goes a long way. It's encouraging you know? It gives me courage to continue.

PS: We all want to be listened to and liked. We'd all love an audience, even if it's a small one. I encourage you to give to others what you'd like to be given yourself. Want people to listen to your music? Listen to other people's music. Want people to buy your CD? Buy your friends CD's. Want people to tell you if they like your stuff? Tell the people you like that you like their stuff. What goes around, comes around.

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