Sunday, June 7, 2009

Without The Moon

Originally posted on myspace November 27 2008

Hi friends,

I've just finished another new CD, it's up on my site: and I'll have copies for sale at all my shows. This is my fourth album this year and it's called
"Without The Moon." This has been an amazing year songwriting-wise with over 60 new songs recorded. I know it's a lot to even think of listening to or keeping up with. Imagine how I feel. I have to remember all those lyrics!

As usual, you can download all of the songs from any of my albums on my site on a donation basis. Or you can just give one or two a listen.

I hope all is well with you as we go into the holidays. Obviously, some hard times are coming. As I say in the lyrics from one of the songs on
"Without The Moon"--"The best insurance is a bunch of friends." I hope we can continue to be friends and do our best to help each other out in the coming months.

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