Friday, December 18, 2009

Another New Album!

Number Six...

I know this sounds a bit crazy and hey it probably is, but I have another album out! It's called "Up For Grabs" and along with my two double CD's "Undiscovered" and "Maybe Nothing's Wrong", and my one single CD "Flow More~Force Less", this makes six in one year. I've never had a year like this and maybe I never will again. Although I thought the four I did last year would be my all time record high...

As usual, all the songs are available for listening and downloading at my site Downloading is free or you can leave a tip/donation in my "Digital Tip Jar". My experiment is to see what comes back freely when I give my music away freely.

So far so good. The video that this guy in Holland made FREE of my song "Jump You Fuckers" is currently at 51,000+ views. The video that a company called made FREE of my song "Free-Range Chicken" is at 4,000+ views. I've gotten loads of great comments, over 70 youtube subscribers, more CD sales than I ever got when I was just giving away 20 second samples, and I've even gotten some tips too. A guy named Butch Maier put several of my songs in his movie "The Bride And The Grooms". So all sorts of cool stuff is happening and I'm only just finishing up year two. I'm calling it my "Five Year Experiment" but that was more to keep my focus on the longer term bigger picture. It will probably end up being my "Rest Of My Life Experiment!"

I've spent a lot of time over the years trying to come up with some sort of relationship with "The Music Business" that felt right to me. I think I've finally found one that works: I don't want much to do with the music business as it is today. I just want to play anywhere I can, post everything I write free, and see what comes back. And as I said, So Far So Good!

This new album features my first Christmas song, a profane little ditty that should ensure my attendance in the "special" room in Hell someday. It's called "Let's Put The Ass Back In Christmas".

(Here's a link to my youtube channel where you can see the video of "Ass Back In Christmas" as well as many others. Most recent video posts: Shut The Fuck Up, Just Like Bob Dylan, and Smokin' Too Much Weed. )

On the new CD, I also have a song inspired by the original Wolfman movie called "Destiny" which was the original title of the movie. There's a couple of songs from back in 1997 that I wrote with a female voice in mind: "Sure" and "Now Is The Time To Wait". I've even got some legal advice in my song "Easy For The Man". There's also a couple of Dylan-esque long ones: "Up For Grabs" and "Fated".

And as usual, Thanks For Your Support!