Tuesday, August 24, 2010


And T'ai-Chi

Since I teach T'ai-Chi, people are always sending me links to articles showing that T'ai-Chi helps people with arthritis, or depression, or high blood pressure, or poor balance or some other chronic health problem. The latest is a new study which shows that T'ai-Chi helps people with fibromyalgia.

It's good for so many things like this, because, I think, it spreads the pressure of gravity and other forces going in, and physical work and other forces going out, more evenly throughout the body's stress points, mainly the joints. It also increases circulation too which is nearly always a good and healing thing. Not to mention calming the mind and body down so the focus is not obsessively on the pain. It can also lower blood pressure, improve digestion and it's a fantastic way to gently increase fitness with attention to alignment and posture which is so important.

Many, many out of shape people have bad posture and alignment. When they take up running or some other vigorous exercise to lose weight and get in shape, they just end up hurting themselves because of their posture. If a person is seriously out of shape, I always recommend a serious posture discipline like T'ai-Chi or Yoga for a full year before more vigorous exercise. But of course for your average American a full year seems like 20. They want it now!

And, this is the big one: It's not "T'ai-Chi" which gives these benefits, but a good T'ai-Chi PRACTICE. You have to practice, and practice well, to get these benefits. It's not a pill, it's work, and that is why these articles come and go every year or two and by and large we continue to get less and less healthy as a nation.

For anyone interested in turning this around in their life or the life of someone they know, I recommend my book
"T'ai-Chi For Geniuses-A Practice Companion For The Genius In Everyone". Click on this link and once there you can buy it if you want, but there's also a link to read the Introduction to the book free.

I also feel particularly qualified to work with people with chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia for the following reasons:

1. The primary way I teach is private lessons. I can tailor the pace and T'ai-Chi curriculum to the student's needs and condition. I teach outdoors all year 'round and fresh air is good for almost any condition.

2. The style of T'ai-Chi that I do emphasizes above all good posture and alignment.

3. The style of T'ai-Chi that I do also emphasizes finding the most relaxed and efficient way to move at all times. It is not a forceful or hard disciplined approach. Our motto is "Flow More~Force Less".

4. I have extensive experience working with senior citizens and others who require a gentler slower approach. I taught very successful T'ai-Chi classes for seniors in Seattle for over 10 years.

5. I am an extremely patient person who is happy to stand by and support any student at whatever level they need to work on. No one learns too slowly for me.

6. I support a serious but casual atmosphere to learning this art. I am very good at establishing rapport with a wide range of personality types.

7. I've studied this art since 1984 and started with very good teachers. I also have a background in Iyengar yoga, Aikido, Contact Improvisation and I was a massage therapist for several years.

So, if you know of anyone in Ashland, OR or the Rogue Valley area who you feel could benefit from studying T'ai-Chi with me, please forward this post and the linked article to them. I will do my very best to help them "Flow More~Force Less" and live with more ease and less pain.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

See No Evil

New Album

Hi Friends far and near,

I've just finished my second CD of the year and it's up on my site. (www.GeneBurnett.com) I know what you're thinking, Only two this year so far? Are you feeling all right? Feeling great actually, just slowing down a bit...

Anyway, this one has 18 songs on it. Consider it a catalog to choose from. All the songs are available at www.GeneBurnett.com for downloading free or with a donation. Almost all the donations I get go back into music related expenses: studio time, supplies, repairs, etc.. You can also get my music faster and easier at places like iTunes, but you'll have to pay for them there.

I've also posted some videos of my songs recently that you might like. The latest ones are the ones at the top of the column on the right. Here's a link to my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/GeneBurnett

And, I've got some new posts on my blog, The Unforced Life, that you might find interesting. Here's the link to that: http://geneburnett.blogspot.com/

Here are the song titles from the new album and a lyric sample from each one:

1. Talk Is Cheap

"As high as you can get is the top of the bottom. Delusions of grandeur--believe me you've got 'em. Anyone who serves you--Treat and tip them well. Learn to read and learn to write and learn to fucking spell!"

2. Some People...

"Stanley's all of 28--But he's acting like he's 6. On his way to Delia's place to get a little fix. Normally I would tell him, her husband's not that thick. But some people just need to get their asses kicked."

3. Not Enough To Change

"She's got sharp teeth but she's got a soft mouth and a kiss that drives you insane. You want to say No--but she won't let go. It hurts but not enough to change."

4. I'm In Love With The World

"I'm in love with the world. And it's in love with me. We fight all the time. There is never any peace. It's a world of trouble. There is no release. I'm in love with the world and it's in love with me."

5. A Different Kind Of Good

"And the waves will keep on coming. They'll soak you through and through. On the way to your drowning. You will surf a wave or two. Some days you won't know. Just who is surfing who. And somedays bad will be just a different kind of good to you."

6. Walk To My Funeral

"That devil may care. Ride along the edge. Now looks more to me. Like jumping off a ledge. Maybe it is wisdom or I'm just getting old but I don't need to fight so hard to not do what I'm told. I'm gonna walk to my funeral. I'm not gonna run. I'm gonna walk to my funeral. I'm not gonna run. Got a few more things to do before I get done. I'm gonna walk to my funeral. I'm not gonna run."

7. Crazy World

"Busting heads and door in. Fighting holy wars in. Places we ignore sin. If it's the kind we like. Guns kill people--Drugs don't. Lies will go where truth won't. Fuck it--Who the Hell knows. Wrong is the new right. But I love this crazy world. I love this crazy world. I love this crazy crazy crazy world."

8. Jump For Joy (For Ax Prince)

"I am blind but I don't care. I take my blindness everywhere. To the street. To the park. To the light and through the dark. Places you might never dare. I am blind but I don't care. You'd think I'd be a sorry boy. But I jump for, jump for, jump for joy."

9. Shovel Ready

"I am here. Shovel ready. I am strong. I am steady. Not afraid to get sweaty. I am here. Shovel ready. I'm not Fannie. I'm not Freddie. I am here. Shovel ready. I am strong. I am steady. I am here. Shovel ready."

10. Carnegie Hall

"I'm not gonna lie to you people. I'm having a terrible day. So many things that could have--Just didn't go my way. I can think of a thousand places that I would rather be. When I'm too tired to care anymore--I just do what is asked of me. But it all goes away when I open my case and start getting ready to play. Something comes up and something goes down and something gets out of the way. And suddenly I'm just grateful to be anywhere at all. As long as I'm singing I don't care if I'm here or at Carnegie Hall."

11. Stories

"I'm telling stories. You're telling stories. We're telling stories all the time. Some guru says, You're not your story. But he's just saying trade yours for mine."

12. See No Evil

"I don't know about evil. Just different kinds of good. You can split the world in two. But I don't think you should. 'Cause where you throw that word around. Murder surely follows. Any victory you claim. Only ends up hollow. Black and white are in your head. They're always in each other's beds. No evil. Black and white are in your mind. Everything is intertwined. No evil. I see no evil. I see no evil."

13. Catch Me
"My trail it is not hidden. It snakes across the land. Maybe you can find it but probably you can't. You just give up too easy. To hold me in your hand. Catch me if you can catch me if you can catch me if you can."

14. Cell Phone

"I don't have a cell phone. I can pay attention. I can watch the road that I am on. I don't have a cell phone. I'm not gonna text you. Maybe you can find me and maybe you can't."

15. Like The Wind Sings

"I sing from a deep place. But not as deep as places go. I try too hard to feel things and to know things I don't know. But there's just no way to force myself into the flow. I sing from a deep place. But not as deep as places go. Like the wind sings in the trees. I'd like to sing like that. Like a swing set swings in the breeze. I'd like to sing like that. Like a Sunday morning church bell rings. I'd like to ring like that. Like the wind sings in the trees. I'd like to sing like that."

16. Walk (To My Funeral)
"My baby's mad at me. She knows what I've done. She's waiting for me. With a loaded gun. I know I've got to go and pay for my crime. I'm on my way home but I'm taking my time. I'm gonna walk to my funeral. I'm not gonna run. I'm gonna walk to my funeral. I'm not gonna run. Won't be much left of me when she gets done. I'm gonna walk to my funeral. I'm not gonna run."

17. Hole In The Wall

"I bounced my reality check. Love is such a pain in the neck. I'm feeling like a train wreck. Lying on a sun deck. Waiting on a phone call. The court is in your ball. I am in a free fall. Stuck in this hole in the wall. Stuck in this hole in the wall. Stuck in this hole in the wall."

18. It's Love

"Everything that comes to life gives up its life someday. To fold into another form to try another way. Galaxies, wedding rings, particles and waves. Everything that comes to life gives up its life someday..."

Take care and as usual.....