Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Open Mike


Robbie Lindauer and I are going to be hosting a new Open Mike and Jam at Tabu in Ashland, OR (76 N. Pioneer Street), every Tuesday Night, starting January 4th, 2011. Sign-up at 7-ish, show starts at 8pm.

Ever been to a Jam but didn't know how to fit in or if you'd get a chance to play? Come to our Open/Mike and Jam at Tabu. We'll have a regular performer sign-up list but also an "Available to Jam" sign-up list. By signing the "Available to Jam" list you'll be letting the whole room know you are there, available to jam, and what your instrument is. This way people who want accompaniment can find you instead of the other way around. Also, after the first round (2 songs each, 10 minutes max), we'll have a more open jam and Robbie and I will do our best to make sure that everyone who came to jam gets a chance to play.

I've been going to Open Mikes since the Mid 1970's and have hosted several over the years. Here's a link to an earlier post about why I like Open Mikes so much:

I'm excited about this one. I get work with Robbie Lindauer, one of my musical heros. I like Robbie a lot and I think we compliment each other well. I get to co-host every week and have input into the way our Open Mike will be run. (Robbie and I have agreed that all disagreements will be solved immediately via "Rock, Paper, Scissors"!) We hope to combine some of the best elements of other Open Mikes we've been to and love. We'll encourage a listening atmosphere for singer/songwriters to be heard, but also have space for bands, jamming and more impromptu collaborations as well.

If you're a local musician or passing through Ashland on a Tuesday night or just looking for an interesting evening, I hope you'll consider coming down. Got any Questions? Email:

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