Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Facebook Feeds...

My Blog

I've developed a new system to feed me ideas for blog posts and I thought I'd share it with you. It's based on using facebook posts as building blocks.

It kind of happened naturally. I started with noticing when I wrote something on facebook, whether a status update or comment, that I thought hit the mark for me, said something well, or that I was proud of. I would write in the little comment or post field, but before I hit "share", I would highlight and drag the whole comment onto my desk top, thinking I'd think about whether it might make or be the seeds of a good blog idea.

After a little while, I realized I had a stack of these little text box files on my desktop and I could barely remember what the Hell was in there. So I started to read them and after reading several, I realized that these comments were falling into some general categories like Politics, Music, Humorous, as well as some more specific ones as well.

So I went to the part of my computer where I keep a word doc. of whatever I post on my blog. I have the blog itself as well as a folder of the pictures I've used for each post. I started a new folder called "Blog Ideas" and then within that folder I started individual folders with these categories as headers.

So for instance, I now have a folder called "Music" and whenever I post something I like on facebook that's related to songwriting, the nature of songs, or music, or my relationship with music, I grab that post and drop in onto my desk top. It's super easy and fast and just takes a second. Later on, I go back and drop it into the Blog Idea>Music folder.

This blog, as you know, is really not a public diary type blog. It's essentially composed of articles expressing my opinions and experiences on various aspects of my life. I now have about 15 folders with sorted out posts about just that. When I feel like I want to post something, but am not sure what, I just look at these folders, and see if any of the ideas catches my eye. If one does, I can open it and find several comments that I've already thought through and written on this subject. I find it a nice way to not lose things that I've put some time and energy into, and that I like. I also use it to focus and organize what looks at first like a bunch of disparate random comments but which do in fact, when sorted out, reveal part of my developing ideas on different subjects.

So far, I'm likin' it!


  1. Gene, you've found a good way to organize your ideas for blog posts.

    I use a combination of a digital voice recorder and Word documents to organize all my ideas, including those for blog posts.

  2. Thanks John. The thing I like about this method is that it captures my responses to various subjects on facebook that I don't generate myself. I read something there and have a response, which I then try to articulate with my comment. Since I care about thoughts and words being well matched, I usually put a little time into my response and come up with something I like and feel like sharing with the "world". Now, I don't have to lose those thoughts. I still use word doc.s to keep track of ideas that I generate totally on my own, but this method captures ideas that are responses to other people's ideas as well. And it's so easy. I can focus totally on the writing at hand, in the little comment field and then when I'm done, if I like it, before I hit "share", (or just after), I can just drag it off and keep it with similar comments for later consideration.

  3. And sometimes seeing my short comments on a given subject put together in one place gives me an idea for a blog post, or even a song, that wouldn't have occurred to me otherwise.

  4. That is a good idea, Gene. Facebook as a jotting notebook, then save them. Like it.