Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Dreams...

Chased Me

I was biking home from teaching and this site literally stopped me in my bike tracks. I know it's just a tarp in the wind but I found it incredibly beautiful. I came home, edited out most of the cars driving by and added this song which I think is a good match.

I love the fact that I can see something beautiful, take a video of it, come home, add music, post it on the worldwide web and in a matter of hours anyone in the world with a computer can see it.

I find this video spellbinding. I could watch this sort of thing all day...


  1. I loved this. There's the moment, in particular, when after a long period of relative stillness, the tarp billows and rises and so it seems animated, alive in synch with the music. Among other things, this is an interesting look at the illusion of agency. The tarp seems "alive" with the wind, and the synchronicity of the music with its movement seems planned, intentional, and intelligent, whereas it is, in "reality," mostly chance, random, and dreamed up by the viewer as he watches. - N

  2. Thanks N. There's also an interesting synchronicity in that there is a kind of cyclical pattern to the wind/tarp movement and rhythm, and I chose to match it with a song that has it's own cyclical pattern. When the two are matched there are bound to be times when both patterns "peak" and both patterns "ebb" and when the patterns are at odds with each other. All three combinations can be poignant. Also, in my life and music I'm always searching for patterns and rhythms that are more natural relaxed unforced and in synch with some inner sense of "rightness". If certain rhythms are indeed more intrinsic than intentionally created, there might be ways in which the rhythms that feel good to me musically and physically are in synch with the rhythms of wind up and downs. There might be some deeper laws affecting both. It might be 100% coincidence too, but I don't think it is. When I saw "The Wizard Of Oz" set to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon", it was uncanny how well the music worked as a soundtrack. Not always, but often there were amazing moments of synchrony. Stoner conspiracy theories aside, I had a sense that the composers of the music and the director of the film might have been following the same inner sense of rhythm, especially since DSOTM is more of a complete work than just a collection of songs. I'm glad you enjoyed the video. If the world was like us, this thing would have gone viral already and have 12 million views!