Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mountains To Climb

My First iMovie Project

This is another of my very favorite videos, my first using iMovie. I created the movie and then uploaded it to youtube. Once it was there I decided to add a title card using their video editing feature. Youtube created a new version with the title and left the other one too. So I made the new version with the title "public" and kept the older version "private". But I never checked the new version until later when I realized that the sound was all slushy and mushy. I checked the earlier no title version and it sounded great. So I switched them. I lost over 100 views but I don't care. I just want what's up on my channel to sound as good as it can sound.

I've written my wife Samarra over 50 songs and this is one of our favorites. I decided to set it to some of my favorite pictures of her. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Respect! I think you did the right thing. Quality over quantity. thats my man:-)