Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Video

Your Face

I wanted to let you know about the new video that I just put together with the help of my friend and videographer Doug Cochran. It was quite an undertaking and I'm very proud of it. It started innocently enough while I was watching a free animation show at Southern Oregon University that my friend Steven Meyerson was putting on. Suddenly, out of the blue, it occurred to me that my song "Your Face" would make a great video if it was accompanied by appropriate footage of dogs from youtube that matched the lyrics.

I was so inspired to do this that I immediately began the somewhat difficult process of finding the videos, figuring out which ones would work in which places, and then getting permission from each youtube member to use a portion of their work in mine. This took a little while as some of the youtube members had videos with tons of hits and evidently stopped paying attention to their youtube message boxes since they got many, many member informed me that it would cost me $1200 to use a clip from their member worked in finance and didn't like my "Jump You Fuckers" song and so refused permission..and some just ignored my requests. But I found replacements for the ones I couldn't get permission to use and eventually lined everything up so Doug and I could assemble and edit it on one evenings work.

Have I mentioned that I am one scarily organized dude?

I tried to embed the video here but for some reason when I did the video ended up cropped off so about a third of it was not visible. So I'm just including the links here. I hope you like it and if you do, I hope you'll forward the link to any like minded people who you think will like it too.

The song is from my album "Without The Moon" and is, like all of my music, available for downloading free or with a donation at my site: It's also available a little easier and faster at CD Baby and iTunes, but it'll cost you a buck.

Take care, be well and thanks for your support.


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