Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Right For The Job...

Is All Right With Me...

I love making music and I love making music in public. If people listen so much the better, if they enjoy it, better still. But what I really like is when I feel like I'm right for the job. If I have something to offer that is a good fit for the venue. I don't care so much about the "good" gigs, and I mean "good" as in high status gigs. I just want to feel right for the job, and right in the job. I really like when I can find a portion of my music that is a good fit for where I'm playing. Sometimes it's just making the right background sound for a bunch of people who are eating and talking. Sometimes it's providing the right songs for a themed benefit show. I particularly like playing short sets between bands setting up. And though I suspect I've played my last actual "concert", every once and a great while, I get to play for a concert type semi-listening audience where people are looking at me expecting to hear something.

But no matter what the venue, I like to feel like I'm a good fit. I'd rather play in a parking lot for six people where I'm a good fit, than opening for a band in a packed house in a prized venue where I'm not a good fit. Maybe it's the "forceless" feeling that comes from being in the right place at the right time, I'm not sure, but whatever the reason, when I have one of these "right" feeling gigs, it encourages me like nothing else. As I've said many times, a lot of my gigs are neutral to mildly discouraging as far as the audience is concerned. No one shows up or people aren't listening, or don't tip, or actively avoid having to hear any music...but all it takes is one gig where I'm a good fit and I'm happy for a week.

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