Saturday, July 18, 2009


My New Album

I have a new double CD out, my second double CD of 2009. It's called "Undiscovered" and I'm very happy with it. 28 new songs, with 14 upbeat more topical songs on Part~One, and 14 mellower more personal songs on Part~Two.

Part One of this collection includes the title song "Undiscovered" which many people have told me is the best song I've ever written (whatever that means...), "Smokin' Too Much Weed", "Didgeridon't", "Three Legged Dog", "I Love Other People's Kids", and "Daddy Wants A Touchdown."

Part Two includes "Out Of The Woods", "Look Me Over", "Stoned", "Fifteen Years Ago", "Nothing Beats My Heart" "Look Me Over", and "Beautiful Now."

As usual, all the songs from "Undiscovered" as well as all the songs from 17 other albums are all available for free (otherwise known as donation basis) downloading

The recordings are simple but still costly for me to make, so I truly appreciate any donations that come in. I'm in the middle of year two of a five year experiment to see what comes back when I make it as easy as possible for people to get my music. If you're interested in more about the details of my experiment here's the link to my blog posting about it: What Comes Back?

The Title song "Undiscovered" contains a number of possibly obscure references depending on what you're into. So here are the lyrics with links to explain some of the references:

by Gene Burnett (©2009)
Hey just between us—I’m an undiscovered genius
I’m a flower buried deep under the snow
I would melt if you just saw me—Just a glance would help to thaw me
You could hold me up for all the world to know
I’m Picasso incognito—I’m a thousand petalled lotus
I had a blue period too—But nobody noticed
Until you love me—Right above—Clouds will always hover
Until you sign me I’ll be undiscovered
Like Wilhelm Reich in prison I am trying hard to listen
Like Beethoven I can hardly hear a thing
I am gone like Thomas Pynchon—Me andPavlov’s dog went fishing
Will you ever find my bell and make it ring?
Hey just between us—I’m an undiscovered genius
Your kiss would help to prince me—Your touch would help convince me
I could share my gifts with anyone in need
I am Einstein as file clerk—I’m a not so empty vessel
Got some theories of my own—And one of them is special
Until you tag me—They will pass me—One after another
Until you find me I’ll be undiscovered
Like Bach and God confiding—I am much too good at hiding
I am going to have to leave you little clues
Like a message in skywriting—Like two particles colliding
I will name my latest finding after you
Hey just between us—I’m an undiscovered genius
I am Vincent Van Gogh in the loony bin
Like Gauguin in Tahiti—If you would be my sweetie
I could paint you naked without sin
I am Mozart in a breadline selling song for change
But you can’t hear my magic flute—You are out of range
Until you choose me—Lautrec Toulouse me—I won’t have a lover
Until you try me I’ll be undiscovered
Like Shakespeare in a garret—Mona Lisa grin and bear it
I am dying to unveil my latest truth
And like Jefferson declare it—See the light and MC square it
I am holding out my secret flame for you
Like Dylan in Minnesota—I wait for Luke like Yoda
I am like a needle in a stack of hay
I’m invisible like South Dakota—Waiting ‘til you fill my quota
Then I’m going to see the light of day
Hey just between us—I’m an undiscovered genius
I’m the Beatles waiting for a break
But I could sing my sweetest song—If you would only come along
I am Edison in darkness trying to get a waiter
Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra stuck in an elevator
I’m the champ of rusted lamps—All I do is suffer
Until you shine me I’ll be undiscovered
Until you love me—Right above—Clouds will always hover
Until you sign me I’ll be undiscovered

Thanks for your support!

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