Monday, January 7, 2019

Three-Legged Dog

When I write a song and record it and share it free on my website or youtube, it feels like I’m putting a message in a digital bottle and tossing it into the vast ocean of the internet. I hope each one ends up on at least one friendly shore out there but I never really know unless I get a message back. Most of the time I don’t, so I really have no idea if any of them land anywhere.
Every now and then I write a song which seems to touch a common nerve and some love comes back my way which is really nice.
A while back I wrote one called “Three-Legged Dog”. I recorded it and put it up on my site, made a youtube video, and moved on to the next project. In the back of my head I was always thinking that if I ever met someone with an actual three-legged dog, it would be cool to make a video featuring their dog. Well, back in 2014 I found out that my friend Grant Ruiz had a three-legged dog and we made a video featuring his dog “Mandy” and then letting her chase stuff while my song played in the background. As of January 2019, that video has gotten over 70,000 views and many people commented that the video had given them heart and encouragement with their own “tripods” which has been gratifying and nice for both me and Grant.
In 2018, I was contacted by Joyce Axelrod who wanted to use my song in a video she was working on about a three-legged rescue dog called “Baja Betty”. I, of course, said yes. Joyce made a really great video of what seems like a great little dog and she was even nice enough to make a donation to me for the use of the song, even though I told her that was totally optional. Almost all of my musical “tip” money goes into making the next year’s album so they’re always great for me receive.
Here are links to both videos featuring “Mandy” and “Baja Betty”. If you love dogs, they’re both really sweet and worth a watch. I think there’s something about watching a dog overcome a terrible injury with such spirit and joy that speaks directly to the part of all of us that is grateful for the here and now and is determined to enjoy it as much as possible. Dog’s are so good at this, they can inspire us all to do the same, at least a little bit.
Enjoy. ;~)


Baja Betty (starts at 24:08):

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