Sunday, March 27, 2016


Giving It Up

About 3 weeks ago, I decided to experiment with not using caffeine. I wasn’t using a lot…a laughably small amount really…but I am very susceptible to drugs of any kind…so while my dose was always small, the effects were always big. I drank a cup of green tea in the morning and cup of green or black tea in the evening, with occasional sodas or coffees when I was playing a gig or out for the evening. But the effects on me were equivalent of 3 or 4 times that amount for a normal person. If I drank a triple espresso, I’d probably end up in the ER. ;~) 

In any case, it’s no longer an experiment. I like it so much, I’m not going back. At first I felt a little tired, but actually, it wasn’t so much that I was sleepy tired, or physically tired, I was just more relaxed and calmer, more settled into myself. I thought, “I’m not low energy…this is just me at 58, minus stimulants.”

Now, 3 weeks in, I feel significant improvements in every area of my life…I notice more, breathe more deeply, connect with people better, and I sleep better. I feel much more in touch with my body. I don’t feel so much push to go forward…instead I feel more pull to look sideways while I go forward. Everything seems deeper and more…3-dimensional…like I can feel and sense into my own weight and weight of other people and objects better. It’s nice to know how tired or energized I actually am rather than tweaking myself like a machine from the outside. I don’t miss it at all. And I’m not going back.

I’m not saying this is the best or healthiest way to go. I have no idea what works for other people. And there are studies showing health benefits from drinking coffee. But if you’re at all curious, I would recommend at least taking a week or two off and seeing how you feel. For me it’s like I’ve been living a bit on my toes and now I’m more back on my heels. And I really like it. 


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