Saturday, February 13, 2016


Don’t Got ‘Em, Don’t Want ‘Em

My "powers" as a human being are so small and insignificant in the bigger picture of life...they literally amount to next to nothing...and yet I spend most of my waking hours improving and expanding them. Strength, mobility, agility, flexibility, balance, self-awareness and self-expression...through words, actions, movement, humor, music, love, listening, connecting, practice, trial and error after be one person through and through, inside and out...with some peace in my heart, some clarity of mind, and a knack for kindness and friendship...I know I'll still end up dead and forgotten like every other form in the Universe...but this is what feels right to me, day in and day out, year after year after year. I have zero interest in "superpowers", superpower movies or fantasies, virtual reality, video games, more and better tech toys, fame, money, more and more stuff...that's not how I want to spend my precious time on earth. No judgments here. We're all throwing our lives away...I just want to throw mine away on the stuff that matters most to me.

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