Sunday, January 24, 2016

Better Off Broken

New Album

I have a new album out called “Better Off Broken”. Like most of my work, it’s just me and acoustic guitar with occasional second guitars added. The songs might be considered a bit “country-ish”. I can’t help it as I’ve been in a bit of a Hank Williams and Willie Nelson swoon for the last couple of years. Not trying to imitate them mind you, that would be ridiculous…but I am trying to write from the place that they touch in my heart and mind, and a little sonic similarity is inevitable. In any case, this album is the result of a somewhat tumultuous year or two in my marriage, which I’ve tweaked, re-imagined, and creatively exaggerated into 15 songs…along with two bonus tracks.

The album is available free or with a donation at  Just click here to give it a listen and click on the download menu if you want any of the songs for your collection: BOB/GB.COM

You can also listen to it and/or buy it at CD BABY. To do that, click here: BOB/CD BABY

I’ve also created “sky videos” of all of the songs and posted them on youtube. For that playlist, click here: BOB/YOUTUBE

Thanks for your support!


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