Saturday, March 7, 2015

Let's Take It

Nice ‘N’ Easy

A lot of the time I don’t like being online that much and I want to get the things I have to do there done as fast as possible…But what if one of the things that makes being online unpleasant for me is that I want to get whatever I’m doing done as fast as possible? What if my own impatience is contributing to the unpleasantness, which in turn contributes to my impatience? What if this is true of all kinds of things? I don’t like doing them so I want to do them fast, but this fast doing might be the very thing that contributes to me not liking them in the first place.

So…picture this…it’s not a realistic picture perhaps, but picture it anyway…It’s the 50’s. Frank Sinatra arrives at the Sands in Las Vegas to pick up Ava Gardner for a night on the town. It’s a warm desert night but not too warm. There’s a slight breeze—sport jacket weather. He strolls casually through the lobby, maybe five, ten minutes late. He finds her room and taps on the door. He hears Ava’s voice from a bit of a distance saying, “Come on in Frank…” He enters. The room is casually tidy. The lights are low. The curtains are drawn and the huge picture window looks out over the shining city. Ava pokes her head out from the bathroom and says, “I’m running a little late Darling…make yourself at home.” Frank smiles and says, “Take your time Baby.” He walks over to the window, lights a cigarette and takes in the view, casually thinking about how the night will go, where they’ll start their evening and where they’ll end it and perhaps pausing to appreciate and enjoy his good fortune. This is how I want to start responding to the little inconveniences in life…the internet slow-down…the little things that won’t open…or that jam…or that require more attention and work than I at first thought they would…Take it easy. Take your time. Relax. Good things come to those who wait. Enjoy the moment. 

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