Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I Can Be So Dumb...

So dumb…

I can be so dumb. It was about 20 years after first hearing "The Beatles" that I got the pun in their name. Seriously, I just thought it was a funny spelling.

Here is a list of some of the things I discovered or suddenly figured out, well after turning 50 years old:

Sudafed? Uh…that's short for "Pseudo-Ephedrine".

There are little indentations on the ends of boxes of plastic wrap that hold the tube in place so that the roll doesn't pull out when you use it.

 “Arby’s” is a way of saying “R.B.’s” which stands for Roast Beef.

The word “car” is short for carriage or horseless carriage.

Cops are called “the fuzz” because of the sound their police radios make when they’re nearby.

Nat “King” Cole has the nickname “King” because of the association with the song “Old King Cole”. 

Cardinals, you know the red birds common to the Midwest, the ones the St. Louis baseball team is named for, are called “cardinals” because they look like cardinals, the religious kind.

And it's also recently been brought to my attention that love is in fact the answer.

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