Wednesday, January 30, 2013

5 Years!?


When I was first starting Yoga, I was doing a pose and my teacher came around and corrected my knee alignment. She said, "You have to watch your knees in this pose for the first 5 years." I thought "5 years!?" She read my mind and said, "Well, you're going to get 5 years older anyway." And sure enough, she was right. I did get 5 years older. I kept doing Yoga and eventually I didn't need to watch my knees in that pose anymore. T'ai-Chi was really my true love and after about 7 years or so, I stopped practicing Yoga, but that lesson stuck with me and was very valuable. Time is passing anyway. You might as well have something positive to show for it. My knee alignment is still very good and I have no knee problems at all in spite of the many many miles I have put on them in my 55+ years.

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