Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Acoustic Music

Is What I Love Best...

Although there is plenty of electronic music that I like, generally I much prefer acoustic music played on acoustic instruments. I play two myself, my guitar and my voice. I think a human voice is an acoustic instrument, provided it's not amplified, auto-tuned, looped, modified, pitch corrected, echo-plexed, or processed in any way. Not to knock that stuff categorically. I just don't consider all that stuff to be "acoustic". To me that's electronic, it needs outboard electricity to function. I'm just saying I prefer acoustic instruments. 

I would not go as far as Mojo Nixon who said that “If you can’t take an acoustic instrument and make someone from a different culture butt dance, you ain’t doin’ shit.”, even though I love the spirit of what he's saying. He believes in directly shaping the air around him, rather than controlling machines that then shape the air through other machines. 

I don't mind electronic music myself, or rock 'n' roll for that matter, but I still prefer the organic flesh and blood earthiness of instruments made of wood and metal and skin, played in real time by real people. I don’t even like microphones that much. I prefer gear-less shows and I play a lot of them. Every now and then when the gear is late or malfunctioning at some show or another, I’m always happy that I don’t need gear in order to perform. There’s nothing quite like stepping up when the gear is faltering and doing a set acoustically that people can still hear and understand. 

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