Sunday, September 23, 2012


Not Facts.

I find that I am not very happy or satisfied when I seek facts or truths or certainties about life. I much prefer to seek the best explanation I can find, the one that best explains the evidence at hand. Science is like that too, when it's true to its method. It seeks the best explanation it can to make sense of current data. All its "truths" are provisional...that is to say, "We hold that this is true...provided the next experiment doesn't contradict it." So, no, I don't consider Evolution to be a "fact", just the explanation that makes the most sense to me. I like having an open mind, even about stuff I'm 99.99% sure is "true". This goes for life, love, martial arts, music, religion, money, politics, you name it. When I hold that what I have are not truths or facts, but opinions and explanations that work for me, for now...I am a much happier person. I have more slack for other people, and the world is an open question instead of a closed book. 

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