Sunday, April 15, 2012

These Are A Few...

Of My Favorite Spams (Part Six)

Enjoy! All are recorded exactly as I got them...

Best Subject Lines

Merry costs against imp0etnce from drgu store

We offer you sexual happiness for really cheap.

Americans proud to grown an extra inch

How to get her to suck

Bigger than you can ever imagine


Please check the attachment, this is important.

Single Christians in Your Area Are Looking For You

Scare people with your tool today

Germany gets first strike with extra inch


Connect with Millionaire Singles Near You

Cumming has never been stronger

She will want MORE of you

Be the master of the bed

You'll find alla-- the detaials attached to this messagde.

Crazy girls gone wilder

Have the pecker of your dreams

Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby Dating

Best Contents

You will leave a long-lasting impression on any lady fortunate to lie with you

All their panties become wet once they see you with this

When girls start disappearing, the Ass Collector became the prime suspect

Your powerful rod will rip their blouses off

Find out hot to make your lady scream with desire all night long

All that matters to a chick is a big long pecker

Are you looking for a bride? Maybe I'm the that interest you! My name is Valerija and last name is Vasilyeva. I live in Gatchina. I am a pretty "kitten" with a nice figure. You can see for yourself in my photos. I am 21 years. I have a good education and a profession favorite. I am good in cooking and like to make experiments with food.

I have dark hair and blue eyes and would love to correspond with good man. Oh, I can speak for hours about my ideal match and how I see relations with my true love.

If you dream you meet me than contact me (email address here) communicating with me is easy and interesting and you will never be bored with me.

Hi, dear

How are you ? A good web business for you. I have bought an iphone there with excellent quality. Now they are on sale, and the delivery speed is very fast, you need not to wait for long. I hope you will love it. Just share it with you.

May you hapiness !

Best Spammer Names

Mrs. Limei Chen gpu

emso adams



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