Monday, January 23, 2012

Some Words I Made Up

Feel free to start using them.

Pre-bound (noun): What you’re on when you start a relationship before the one you’re in is over. Sentence: Dude, I was still dating Susan when I met Cindy so I was totally on the pre-bound.

Sporn (noun or verb): Spam that is also porn. Sentence: Because Bob preferred sporn to plain old spam, its lifespan in his “in” box was slightly longer than usual.

Bloggy (adjective): In the mood to blog. Sentence: Wendy got all bloggy and headed for her computer as soon as she closed the door and began to think about what had to have been the worst blind date of her life.

Shakespeare (verb): To make up your own word. Sentence: Dude, I totally Shakespeared this blog post.

Pre-loaded (adjective): When you show up a bar already drunk. Sentence: Jim usually came in pre-loaded so bartenders had a hard time figuring out when to cut him off.

Spankst (noun): Inner conflict about whether or not to get kinky. Sentence: Lennie was filled with spankst as he realized that no amount of will power was going to stop him from reaching for the fly swatter.

You're Welcome.

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