Thursday, October 20, 2011

Listen To His Words...

But Watch His Weapons.

Listen to your opponent's words, they might be worth listening to...but watch his body, particularly his weapons. No matter what he (or she) says, if his weapons are getting closer to you, watch those weapons. Easier said than done sometimes, but I find this useful to remember in all kinds of conflicts that are not overtly physical or violent. I listen to what my opponent or potential opponent says, but I watch his weapons, whatever they may be. No matter what he (or she) says, if those weapons are getting closer to me, or to a position where they can do me damage, it's time to act, or, at the very least time to watch more closely. So if someone's talking peace but amassing their tanks on your border...or asking for a light and getting their elbows bent and fists coiled...or talking compromise while hiring a high priced lawyer...or smiling while their hand is reaching for a bottle...keep watching and be prepared for an attack. It might not come, but if doesn't hurt to be ready.


  1. I might add, watch where the eyes are looking. - N

  2. That too! Although some people are pretty good at hiding what they're really paying attention to.