Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Favorite Posts~Part Two

Here are some of my favorite facebook posts. Some are comments on other people's posts, some Wall posts of my own:

Everything is so relative...I check my youtube channel often, just to see how things are going view-wise. When the video for "Jump You Fuckers" gets less than 100 a day, I think, "Hmmmmm slowing down..." But many of my videos have less than 100 views total. If any of them went up 100 a day, I'd be thinking "Wow! This thing is taking off!"

Fight for Universal Health Care if that's what you want, but don't wait for it. Start right now and take the best care of yourself that you can. And make friends. Connect with people. The best insurance I know is: Don't get sick and have a bunch of real friends.

Finally got around to watch "Smiley Face" on Netflix recently. It's now on my short list of all time great stoner movies. That Anna Faris is just fantastic. If you like this sort of thing, this is the kind of thing you like.

And what are the others on my all time great stoner movie list? I like: Up In Smoke, Half-Baked, Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle, Friday, Idle Hands. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Big Lebowski and Reefer Madness. I now add Smiley Face. And I'm sure I forgot one or two...

I have a new song called "I'm So Married". I was saying to Samarra that it seemed to be really popular with women. She said, "Yeah. You're a wet dream on paper." I said, "Yeah, so are you..."
We've have been laughing about this ever since.

Here's how to quit smoking: Just do a huge bong rip every time you want a cigarette. Soon you won't be able to find them.

Hey all you women out there, if you want me to talk to you, ASK. The next woman, drunk or sober, who grabs me by the arm in a bar and won't let go, gets an Aikido wrist lock applied to them. Men never do this. It's always women and rarely young ones. And I really, really, don't like it. Anyone out there like it when a woman does this to you?

I once looked at a can of "Potted Meat Food Product" which is basically dog food for people. The first ingredient, the first mind you, was "Partially de-fatted beef fatty tissue". I'm generally an opportunistic omnivore, kinda like a raccoon....but I've never actually eaten any PMFP.

14 word poem starting with the word "Whether".

Whether God is God
or God is not
is not for God
To know.

Give me one back (14 words, starting with "whether") and then I'll do one for you, but you know, nothing crazy, give me a short poem simple challenge, no intricate classical forms here. As long as it doesn't get crazy, I'll do this on and off for the rest of the evening. I'm multi-tasking...

I think "Shit Storm" would be an excellent band name, action movie title, or action movie hero nickname. Feel free to steal it, but if you make a lot of money...I do have a tip jar at my web site.

I think maybe two, possibly three superlatives in the first sentence of a facebook post or email is the most I can take without losing interest. Piles of these words seem to have the opposite effect on me than the writer intends. They are so overused that rather than intensify the communication, they de-intensify it, and become like white noise to my mental ear.

I think the ability to hold opposing perspectives in one mind is a great evolutionary achievement and just as much a part of Nature as anything else. It may not always be efficient, but it does produce amazing things. I think Nature itself expresses this tension in its constant balancing acts. What it means, or where it's going, or whether this trait will be lasting, helpful, or doomed to a quick extinction, I do not know...But I have it and I enjoy it, even if it's not always pleasant.

I tried to read "Atlas Shrugged" but it just didn't grab me at all. I found "The Fountainhead" a good read though it certainly lacked verisimilitude. It seemed more like an essay designed to prove a forgone conclusion than a living breathing work of fiction. Although her fantasy was engaging and the certainty of her hero enviable, at least to the kid in me, I always felt like nothing in the writing process could ever surprise Ayn Rand. She seems to know exactly how everything will go and how it will all end, because she writes the world she wants to be true and makes it so. But the world in her books is not the mysterious, unexplainable, messy thing that I live in. I enjoyed TF for what it was, a battle of ideals in someone's head, but it never really "lived" for me.

I write at least a little every day. Many song ideas going at once. For many weeks none were ripening, then suddenly 5 were ready for picking, plus one stubborn fragment that I hoped I could use as a very short song. 1-3 were quickly done, #4 came more slowly & then #5 suddenly died! But the short one suddenly came alive & practically finished itself after remaining a fragment for months! These are like my kids.

I'm scared to find out who's blocking me. I just pretend everyone's just too stunned by the power of my words to comment or even hit the "like" button...

I've also heard that "explanation is autopsy", but I beg to differ. Even though explanations are never complete or ultimately accurate, they can be very helpful. You just have to embrace and be OK with their limitations. I don't like the general anti-intellect bias that so many lazy, unthoughtful people have. Just because words can't nail down "the truth" doesn't mean there's no value in trying. Also, complaining is one of the great stress releases and pleasures of life. I would say, Don't get stuck in complaining, give it 20 minutes and move on; and Don't get stuck in explaining, give it your best shot and then move on. The Tao that can be explained may not be the true Tao, but it's the only one we have.

Ideals do not exist in the physical world. If they did they wouldn't be ideals, they would just be life. They are like the stars the ancient mariners steered by, but did not hope to get to. If you want to steer TO your stars, it's going to take a much, much bigger boat and a lot more energy.

If anyone else enjoys or gets benefit from the words I come up with, so much the better, but even just aiming for the right ones is worth the effort for me.

If I play a game, I play to win, and I play like winning the game is truly important. But as soon as I win or's just a game. What's important is what I learned, what I saw, what I took away from the game.

In the Bizarro Universe where everything is reversed, you add "Enemies" to your "Assbook" profile and you don't poke them. You stab them...

Just because everyone's out to get you doesn't mean you're paranoid.

Let him without weird green candied lumps cast the first fruitcake.

Letting my hair grow out is like being given a free high maintenance hat.

In case anyone's heard of anything....I'm living for a new place to look. Preferably not too expensive... ;~)

Nothing personal here, but if I see one more post where someone comes to the Earth shatteringly profound conclusion that "We Are All One" and then shares it like it's the Revelation, I am going to conclude that "We Are All Six". "We are all one" is the ultimate abstraction. The Universe abstracted into 4 words. All junkies do this, reduce all their problems to just one...

One of Shakespeare's characters, a tutor, advises his student: "Study what you most affect." I always liked that advice...although I don't object to Astronomy...

p;lokjhgfdsxzcvbnm,./,mghfdrewrtyuiop67o90=-09765431'...Just cleaning my keyboard...

Robbie posted "Love" tonight, so I had the odd experience of "liking" Love. I wrote a song a while back with the line "I just like being in love with you." My old musical partner Vic said, "That's a very Gene Burnett kind of line. No one else around here would put it that way..."

Safety is vastly over-rated. And we are largely very safe already. Compared to the Middle Ages we living in The White House with a full security detail on red alert. But then, as now, the best insurance is not a bunch of laws, but a bunch of friends. And I'm not saying laws are useless, just let's not rush to them to address what is after all the human condition.

Scheduling some unscheduled time is ironic and maybe a paradox...but do it anyway!

Sometime it's rational to be irrational.

The following is a slight exaggeration: there is no such thing as "off the record" anymore: Note to all public and non-public figures: The mike is always on. If you don't want something heard by the whole world, don't say it.

We type things up, but we write things down, in order to get our point across, and win someone over to our side. We can put up a front, but it's good to watch our backs, and get out from under the tendency to avoid seeing things from top to bottom...OK look, I have a preposition for you....

What's my sign? I used to be "Deer Crossing" but now under the new adjusted Astrology I'm "Yield"

What's so bad about living a creative, kind and decent life and then melting back into the cosmic soup and letting some other form of life take a ride on my carbon? What's so bad about doing this just for the joy, adventure, and satisfaction of pulling it off? Is believing in some kind of personal immortal soul really necessary? Does life need any more meaning than this?

When someone's condescending to me...I just feel too sorry for them to call them on it...

Which do you think is closer to your idea of true love, accepting and embracing people as they are, without trying to change or improve them, or, by using the carrot or the stick, encouraging them to be the best or most successful person they can be.

Wow. You know how it feels when someone rejects you? Just looks you in the eye and says, "It's over." What if it happened near the very end of your life, and it wasn't just one person but your whole frickin' country? Gee, I hope Hosni is feeling OK. Maybe one of us should call him.

I realize I'm dipping into Abbot and Costello territory here, but all you have to do is substitute "Who" for "Hu" and you get some pretty funny headlines.. Hu says China not a military threat to any nation (AP)

"Conscious" means "to be aware of", not aware of what you are aware of, and behaving with your priorities in mind. To cover someone with the blanket term "unconscious" just because you don't agree with them is arrogant and a misuse of language IMO. Surely, you can find better words to say what you actually mean than to call someone you don't agree with, "unconscious". I think, Unconscious of what? Everyone is unconscious of something...

I've traded in my benign dictatorship for a more parliamentary system...
I just mean that my head used to be in more direct control of my life and body in more authoritarian forceful kind of way. Now I give all the ministers in my head their say, or song, as it were. The "majority" still forms my internal "government" but everyone gets their say, even "minority" points of view. Whereas I used to banish minority views that were not in alignment with my dominant paradigm at any given moment...

Everything contributes to the downfall of humanity. It's inevitable. Cheerfully yours, GB ;~)

You may saaaaaaay I'm a dreamer....but you'd be wrong. '~)


  1. Thanks for reposting your posts. As far as stoner flicks go, have you seen "Pineapple Express" or "Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanemo Bay"? If not, I recommend getting in the proper frame of mind and checking them out. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Pete, I actually own copies of both of those movies but haven't watched them yet. ;~)