Saturday, November 6, 2010

If There Was A Wall

New Video

I just posted a new youtube video that my friend and videographer Doug Cochrane and I put together for Veteran's Day this year.

Back in 2006, as a result of my conversations and friendship with Tom Varnado, aka T-Poe, I wrote a song called "If There Was A Wall". The song is about the many, many Vietnam vets who've died at their own hands since the war ended

As soon as I wrote it, it felt different from my other songs. I felt like it didn't belong to me, but to something larger. My hope still is that someone will put together some kind of "Vet Aid" concert or album to help raise money for PTSD related work and help for returning vets. If such a thing happened, I would be happy to donate this song to the project. (Anyone out there know Willie Nelson? If so, pitch the idea to him!)

When I first met Doug and we started to post youtube videos of my songs, one of the very first ones we posted was of me sitting in my living room singing "If There Was A Wall". Although I've gotten some nice feedback regarding the video, I always wanted to make a better one, one with more compelling images to help carry what is after all a pretty long song. Finally, Doug and I have done that, with the help of T-Poe, who generously allowed us to use pictures and poems from his Vietnam collection, as well as acting in some new video footage.

Given our budget ($00.00), I'm very pleased with how it came out.

Here's the link to the video:

Please feel free to forward it to anyone you feel will be touched by it.


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