Wednesday, September 15, 2010

These Are A Few....

...Of My Favorite Spams

I get much less spam than I used to and almost all of it gets caught in my "Spam Filter", thanks to the good folks at Yahoo! But still, some does arrive everyday. I always wonder, who the Hell buys this stuff? Someone must be buying it or they wouldn't keep sending it. I actually don't mind spam. I find it entertaining, actually. Here is a list of my favorite spam subject lines, spam content, and spammer names. All are exactly as I received them. Enjoy!

Best Subject Lines:

Open it or get constipation

Wake up! You're dying!

I like you swore eternal love, and left, as can that be?

Cheap Boner Pills

Become a Teacher~It's easy!

Become a Psychologist~It's easy!

What if you yxu try eating vegatables instead of fast food? Taking pills is easier!

gene_burnett, discount time begins readers fruit involves Princess mountainous

m long be kept alive, I

Mr. gene_burnett, here's 70% Sale Invitation. definite Nancy

Customer gene_burnett, this is a sale reminder. University freshman bracketed is Prussian

Welcome gene_burnett, super prices await you. sacred the and Under to

Gene, You Have Been Selected to Receive Working Mother

La, murmuring at the same time vague words of cajolery. Then as the cat remained motion

Hello, gene_burnett! Check our crazy discounts. dog had Barry in leaves

Your huge machine will drive her nuts

Dear gene_burnett, take part in our sale. Prescott atoll eulogy

For gene_burnett. Sale prices today-80%. clergy is ball communities were

"your wife photos"

Lonely? We have an App for that

Halo gene_burnett, 70% Sale tonight. Door in Greek place

Hey gene_burnett, 80% Sale. Subsequent Poland

And finally, this one. Hmmmm...could this be spam?


Best Contents:

Confess! You are broil about your organ size!

Hi-do you remember how we made love in your car? Mmm like it was perfect-the stars, moon, sky-and the lights of the city, here in Russia that does not happen again, I want you to come if you do not mind, write me?

When you are aged and never give up, it gives your he confidence, at any chance. at any place.

Best Spammer Names

Mr. Savadogo Mahama

Mountfort Dymphna

Jervey Deculus

Dr. FUNG Victor Kwok King

Alhaji Saeed Zongo

Goodfriend Vrooman

Deatly Dipaolo

Tester Gosewisch

Viruettta Vansickle

Beuttel Knop


  1. Gene, thanks for finally sharing your collection. You've been dribbling these out in ones and twos for years.

  2. Laughed out loud! Thank you!